Ongoing Momentum Group Coaching

You have some great tools, life experiences and may have even laid out a path outlining exactly where you want to go.
The problem is, you are not moving towards where you need to be fast enough!
The In Balance with Life, Ongoing Momentum Group Coaching Program will provide you with the resources you need to significantly increase the momentum in your life propelling you towards your dreams and desires.

In Balance with Life - Ongoing Momentum Group Coaching

Join the growing community hosted by Certified High Performance Coach™ John Peitzman (JP) and experience what it feels like to dramatically increase your momentum towards success with more engagement, more joy, more confidence and more enthusiasm!


"I wanted to create something for a larger audience, above and beyond my high-end program clients. There are a host of people that can’t afford advanced professional coaching, need to save up, or feel they currently do not have the time to commit to a more comprehensive plan. I was inspired to offer something that could assist people in this position - while continuing to help those who have been through higher training.
Ongoing Momentum is a service where you receive tangible material benefits to help you achieve amazing results, and where cost and time are no longer issues."

~ John Peitzman

Leverage a Proven Process, Comprehensive Coaching and a Collaborative Community to help you increase your abilities and generate greater momentum in achieving your goals and dreams.  

Proven Process

There is a working process to achieving your goals. Real success is not about luck. The OM proven process includes understanding the importance of not just learning new techniques, but the essential aspect of creating, implementing and maintaining new habits, and for these habits to be impeded into your daily routines. This is how you create, experience and maintain true positive ongoing momentum in your life.

Commit to improving yourself and then trust the process - a process that is proven! 

Comprehensive Coaching

OM Monthly Group Coaching sessions are hosted by John Peitzman (JP), a Certified High Performance Coach™ with a very unique personal and professional background. From his 20 years plus in the corporate environment as an executive, to his current work as an energetic healer, meditation teacher and life coach, JP has always been focused on helping others. His comprehensive approach  is unmatched.

Let JP's vast amount of tools and techniques help you help yourself!

Collaborative Community

To fully experience what it feels like to have Ongoing Momentum in your life, 'it takes a village'. When you commit  to a journey that others share with you, the result of your success is exponentially improved. Your OM journey includes continuing support not only from your host JP, but the support from other OM community members as well.  This is not a journey you will be taking alone. You will enjoy celebrating your triumphs with others.

Share your experience, your progress and your success with others! 

Seize this opportunity to experience what it feels like to significantly increase the momentum in your life propelling you towards your dreams and desires!

$ 97 AUD

pay $97 per month

monthly subscription, cancel anytime
this program is GST free

Monthly Group Coaching Session
hosted by John Peitzman, Certified High Performance Coach™

Access to the growing Ongoing Momentum Community
Meet and engage with other community members and share the experience
24/7 anytime, anywhere

Access to the the Ongoing Momentum tools and resources
including members area, coaching session recordings and more

Wait no longer for positive transformational change!

Join the Ongoing Momentum Group Coaching Program and Community and meet others just like you who are experiencing positive change in their lives

On registering for the Ongoing Momentum Group Coaching Program you will receive login details to the Members Area for further instructions regarding payment processing

Get ready to experience Ongoing Momentum, and get ready for your life to change!